PANscan® Basic (Card Data Discovery)

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Product Overview

SecurityMetrics PANscan is card data discovery software that allows merchants to simply and efficiently discover unencrypted payment card data. PANscan identifies primary account numbers (PAN) and magnetic stripe track data on your computer systems, networks, hard drives, and attached storage devices, all while running light on your systems.

Using PANscan, you can reduce your business’s liability and work towards meeting PCI requirement 3 (secure cardholder data), all while receiving assistance through integrated video tutorials and qualified technical support from our team of experts.

Note: This product will expire 1 year after purchase.

Product Benefits

  • Run scans simply, without any extensive technical knowledge. The PANscan interface allows anyone to efficiently find unencrypted payment data.
  • PANscan points you to file paths of unprotected data so you can change process to ultimately prevent it from getting stored in the first place.
  • Since PANscan doesn’t slow down your system, you can continue business as usual.
  • Using PANscan allows you to complete up to 10% of your SAQ.

What's Included

  • PANscan Basic and Advance Online scanning versions are available for download through SecurityMetrics portal.
  • PANscan Advance Offline scanning versions are delivered through secure file transfer in SecurityMetrics Portal
  • Unlimited 24/7 support.

Additional details:

  • Each PANscan license is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.
  • Each unique machine needs its own PANscan license.